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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jmix Presents Legacy's Finest 6-22-12 Mixtape

*Note These Files Are In Hq Wav, Will Upload In Mp3 Later.
Thanks To DROI For Cover!


1. Gotta Get Mine With Unused Intro
2. When I Get Free Og Alt Vocal Enhancement
3. Mama's Just A Little Girl Sample Replacement
4. Outlaw Alt Og Jmix
5. Nothing To Lose Alt Jmix Remaster
6. Thugs Get Lonely Too Jmix Remix
7. Hell 4 A Hustler Psycho Remix
8. Hold On Og
9. Thugstyle ( I Love Cali Jmix)
10. Hennessy (Make it Last) Jmix Studio Remix
*Bonus Tracks Coming Shortly!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thug Life - The Demo Album [CassetteQ]

Track List
1. My Definition of a Thug Nigga (Original Version)
2. Thug Life with Big Syke
3. Fake Ass Bitches (Original 2Pac Version) with Rated R
4. Pour Out A Lil Liquor (Original Version)
5. I'm Getting’ Money (Original Version)
6. Faced Shootouts (Interlude)
7. Is It Cool 2 Fuck? with Rated R & Macadoshis
8. High Till I Die (Original Version) with Rated R & Macadoshis
9. Time 2 Get My Drank On with Y?N-Vee
10. Mr. Troublesome
11. Niggaz In Tha Pen (Original Version) with Mouse Man & Mopreme
12. Thug Life (Solo) *Hidden Track*


Definition Of A Thug Nigga (Original Version) - Tupac.mp3
Faced Shootouts (Interlude) - Tupac.mp3
Fake Ass Bitches (Original Version) - Tupac & Rated R.mp3
High Till I Die (Original Version) - Tupac.mp3
I'm Getting Money (Original Version) - Tupac.mp3
Is It Cool 2 Fuck (Original Version) - Tupac, Rated R & Macadoshis.mp3
Mr. Troublesome - Tupac.mp3
Niggaz In The Pen - Tupac, Mouse Man & Mopreme.mp3
Pour Out A Lil' Liquor (Original Version) - Tupac.mp3
Thug Life - Tupac & Big Syke.mp3
Thug Life (Solo) - Tupac.mp3
Time To Get My Drank On - Tupac & Y-N-Vee.mp3

Tupac & B.I.G - One Nation (Mixtape)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Snoop Dogg Presents A Tribute To 2Pac (320)

1 intro.mp3
2 cali california.mp3
3 xchange.mp3
4 story to tell.mp3
5 real thing.mp3
6 articulate thug.mp3
7 litany.mp3
8 xchage.mp3
9 bocephus.mp3
10 watch talkin' about.mp3
11 promise me.mp3
12 mo chedda'.mp3
13 lust.mp3
14 don't give a fuck.mp3
15 poetry in motion.mp3
16 ride.mp3
17 he's bionic.mp3
18 breakdown.mp3
19 xchange instrumental.mp3
20 story to tell.mp3

1. Intro (poem) (snoop dogg)
2. Cali california (snoop dogg)
3. Xchange (fancekiller& typhoon)
4. Story to tell (snoop dogg and kurupt)
5. Real thing (Valerie Watson)
6. Articulate thug (snoop dogg, rass kass and eastwood)
7. Litany (evenrude)
8. Xchage (snoop dogg & typhoon)
9. Bocephus (fencekiller)
10. Watch talkin’ about (snoop dogg, daz, youn wee)
11. Promise me (Valerie Watson)
12. Mo’chedda (snoop dogg k-dee & glock)
13. Lust (fencekiller)
14. Don’t give a fuck (sanyika shakur & snoop dogg)
15. Poetry in motion (this guy mike)
16. Ride (snoop dogg and eastwood
17. He’s bionic (dr dre and world class wreckin’crew)
18. Breakdown (the unknown dj and Valerie watson)
19. Xchange (instrumental)
20. Story to tell (snoop dogg & typhoon)

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