Sunday, September 11, 2011

( B ) 2Pac Songs List / Download

1. Baby Dont Cry (KeepYour Head Up II) - Still I Rise-
2. -Baby Dont Cry (Keep YourHead Up II) - Maxi Single Trackmasters Remix Dirty Version
3. -Keep Ya Head Up 2 (Baby Dont Cry OG)
4. Bad Boy Killers (OG) (unreleased)
5. -Running On E - Until The End OfTime
6. Ballad Of A Dead Soulja - Until TheEnd Of Time
7. -Ballad of a dead soulja w/6 FeetDeep - (OG) (Unreleased)
8. Be The Realist - Trapp Stop The Gunfight
9. -Be The Realist (Remix ShortVersion) -Be The Realist Remix Vinyl Promo Single
10. -Be The Realist (Remix ExtendedVersion) -Be The Realist Remix Vinyl Promo Single
11. Better Dayz w/ Mr. Biggs- BetterDayz
12. -Better Dayz w/O.F.T.B. (OG)(Unreleased)
13. -Better Dayz (Solo OG)
14. -Better Dayz (Johnny J Remix)
15. Big Bad Lady w/The Lady Of Rage -Necessary Roughness
16. Big Time w/Life Squad
17. -Big Time (Remix) (unreleased)
18. Black Cotton w/Eminem, Kastro, YoungNoble
19. -Black Cotton ft. Mouse Man (OG)(Unreleased)
20. Black Jesus - Still I Rise
21. -Black Jesus w/Outlawz (OG 1)(Unreleased)
22. Black Jesus (OG 2) w/Outawz (Unreleased)
23. Black Jesus (OG 3) w/Outawz(Unreleased)
24. Black Starry Night (Interlude) - R UStill Down? (Remember Me?)
25. Blasphemy - Makaveli The DonKilluminati The 7 Day Theory
26. Bomb First (My First Reply)w/E.D.I., Young Noble-Makaveli the Don Killuminati The 7 Day Theory
27. Break Em Off Something w/Money B,Dub-C (Unreleased)
28. Breathin w/Outlawz -Until The End Of Time
29. -Breathin (First Take)(OG) (Unreleased)

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