Sunday, September 11, 2011

( D ) 2Pac Songs List / Download

1. Danger Time w/Live Squad and Stretch
2. Days Of A Criminal
3. Deadly Combination w/Big L - The BigPicture
4. -Deadly Combination w/Big L, Biggie(Remix) (unreleased)
5. Dear Mama - Me Against theWorld/Greatest Hits
6. -Dear Mama (radio edit) - Me Againstthe World Cassette Single
7. -Dear Mama (baby remix)
8. -Dear Mama (moe z. mix)
9. -Dear Mama (Video Version)
10. -Dear Mama (Live)
11. -Dear Mama (black queen club remix)
12. -Dear Mama (big Mama remix)
13. -Dear Mama (big Mama extra cleanremix)
14. -Dear Mama version 1 (OG)(Unreleased)
15. - Dear Mama Version 2 (OG)(Unreleased)
16. Death Around the Corner - Me Againstthe World
17. Definition of A Thug Nigga - PoeticJustice Soundtrack/ R U Still Down? (Remember Me?)
18. -Definition of A Thug Nigga (OG)(Unreleased)
19. Do For Love - R U Still Down? (RememberMe?)
20. -Do For Love The Soul Society Mix-Do For Love Import Single
21. -Do For Love Pic-A-Dil-Yo! Mix - DoFor Love Import Single
22. -Sucka 4 Love (OG) (Unreleased)
23. -What You Want Do For Love(Unreleased)
24. Dont Call Me Bitch Version 1 (OG)(Unreleased)
25. -Dont Call Me Bitch Version 2 (OG)(Unreleased)
26. -Dont Call Me Bitch Version 3 (OG)(Unreleased)
27. Dont Go To Sleep (OG) - Makaveli andDillinger DontGo to Sleep
28. -Dont Go To Sleep - Makaveli and DillingerDontGo to Sleep
29. -Sleep w/Young Buck, Chamillionaire- PacsLife
30. Dont Get It Twisted - Thug Life Vol. 1
31. Dont Sleep w/Lil Scrappy,Nutso, Kaddafi - PacsLife
32. Dont Stop (Keep Moving) w/ Daz &Kurupt
33. -Dont Stop (Keep Moving) w/ Daz &Kurupt (OG)
34. -Dont Stop w/Big Syke, Kadafi, Fatal -PacsLife
35. Dont Stop The Music w/Outlawz (OG)(unreleased)
36. Dont You Trust Me - Loyal To the Game
37. -Dont You Trust Me (OG) (unreleased)
38. Dopefiends Diner - Best of 2pac Part2: Life
39. -Dopefiends Diner (OG) (Unreleased)
40. Dumpin w/Gonzoe, Nutso, Kurupt, Scarlo(OG) (Unreleased)
41. -Dumpin w/Papoose, Fatal, CarlThomas - PacsLife
42. Dusted n Disqusted w/E-40, Spice 1, Mac Mall - In A Major Way
43. -Dusted 'n' Disqusted (Radio Edit)

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