Sunday, September 11, 2011

( F ) 2Pac Songs List / Download


1. Faced Shootouts (Unreleased)
2. Fade Me Version 1(Unreleased)
3. -Fade Me Version 2
4. Fair Xchange (Jazza Pha Remix)w/Jazza Pha - Better Dayz
5. Fair Xchange (Mya Remix) w/ Mya -Better Dayz
6. -Fair Xchange (unreleased)
7. Fake Ass Bitches w/Storm (og)(unreleased)
8. -Fake Ass Bitches - R U Still Down(Remember Me?)
9. -Fake Ass Bitches RMX
10. Family of The Underground w/DigitalUnderground - Sons of The P
11. First to Bomb (OG) - Makaveli andDillinger DontGo To Sleep(Unreleased)
12. -First To Bomb -Makaveli AndDillinger DontGo To Sleep (unreleased)
13. -First To Bomb - Mike Deans Release(unreleased)
14. Flex w/ Dramacydal - Holla If YaHear Me single
15. For Tha Hustlers w/Ant Banks - BigThangs
16. Fame - Better Dayz
17. -Fortune and Fame (singingInterveiw)
18. -Fortune and Fame w/Kokane, EDI,Kadafi and Spice 1 (OG) (Unreleased)
19. Friends (OG) -Pac and Biggie YouNever Heard/ Happy Home Import Single
20. -Friends - Too Gangsta For Radio
21. -Fuck Friends - Until the End ofTime
22. Fright Night w/ Storm (unreleased)
23. -Fright Night Remix w/Storm(unreleased)
24. Fright Night A (Og Version 2) (CDQ)(2PacLegacy.Net)
25. Fuck All Yall (og)(unreleaed)
26. -Fuck All Yall - R UStill Down? (Remember Me?)
27. Fuck Em All w/Outlawz - Better Dayz
28. -Fuck Em All w/Outlawz (OG)(unreleased)
29. -Fuck Em All w/Outlawz (pre-mix)
30. Fuck The World - Me Against TheWorld
31. Fuckin Wit the Wrong Nigga (OG)(unreleased)
32. Fuckin Wit The Wrong Nigga - Until the EndOf Time

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