Monday, September 12, 2011

( T ) 2Pac Songs List / Download

1. Tattoo Tears - Still I Rise
2. -Tattoo Tears (og) (Unreleased)
3. Teardrops and Closed Caskets - StillI Rise
4. -Teardrops and Closed Caskets (OG)(unreleased)
5. -Teardrops and Closed Caskets (UMake Me Wanna Mix) - Makaveli II The Remix Album
6. Tearz Of A Clown (unreleased)
7. Temptaions - Me Against The World
8. -Temptations (Battlecat Hip Hop Mix)- Temptations Maxi Single
9. -Temptations (Battlecat Club Mix) -Temptations Maxi Single
10. -Temptations(Clean) - Temptations - Temptations US Cassette Single
11. -TemptationsRetributionz Remix (unreleased)
12. -TemptationsMoe Z Mix (unreleased)
13. Tha Lunatic -2pacalypse Now
14. TheDFLO Shuttle w/ Digital Underground - Sons Of the P
15. TheMind of A Bad Boy a/Dee The Mad Bitch (Unreleased)
16. TheStreetz R Deathrow - Strictly 4 My Niggaz
17. TheStruggle Continuez w/Outlawz (unreleased)
18. TheWay We Swing (remix) w/ Digital Underground This is an EP Release
19. ThereU Go w/ Outlawz, Big Syke, Jazza Pha - Better Dayz
20. -ThereU Go (Original Better Dayz mix)
21. - There U Go (Mix Error Version)
22. TheyDontGive a Fuck about us - Better Dayz
23. -TheyDontGive A Fuck about us (OG) (unreleased)
24. -TheyDontGive A Fuck About Us - Makaveli and Dillinger EP
25. ThisAintLiving - Until The End Of Time
26. -ThisAintLiving (OG) (Unreleased)
27. - This Aint Living (Complete Version 2)(Alt VocalMix)(CDQ)
28. ThisLife I Lead w/Outlaws - Better Dayz
29. -ThisLife I Lead w/Dogg Pound (unreleased)
30. ThrowYour Hands Up - Pump Ya Fist Compilation
31. Throw YourHands Up (Moe-Z remix) (unreleased)
32. ThugIn Me w/Faith Evens (Unreleased)
33. ThugIn Me, Thug In You w/K-ci and JoJo - Until The End Of Time/ X
34. - Thug In Me (aka What'z Ya Phone No part 2)ft.Jewell
35. - Thug N U, Thug N Me (KCi & JoJo LP Demo)
36. ThugN U, Thug N Me (Og Version 4) (CDQ)
37. Thug For Life - Loyal To the Game
38. -Thug4 Life (OG)(unreleased)
39. ThugLife w/Thug Life (unreleased)
40. ThugLuv w/Bone Thugs-n-Harmony - The Art Of War
41. -ThugLuv (OG) w/Sylke Fine, Bizzy Bone (unreleased)
42. ThugMansion - Better Dayz
43. ThugMansion (OG)
44. -ThugMansion (OG Demo)
45. -ThugMansion Accoustic w/NAS - Better Dayz
46. -ThugMansion (N.Y. Remix) w/ Nas - God Son
47. ThugNature - Too Gangsta For Radio
48. ThugzPassion w/Dramacydal (OG) (Unreleased)
49. -ThugPassion w/Dramacydal - All Eyez On Me
50. ThugsGet Lonely Too w/Nate Dogg - Loyal to the Game
51. -ThugGet Lonely Too w/Tech9ne (Unreleased)
52. -ThugGet Loney Too (og) (Solo) (unreleased)
53. ThugStyle - R U Still Down? (Remember Me)
54. -ThugStyle (OG) (unreleased)
55. Til My Dyin Day ft.Outlawz (Og tagged)
56. Timeto get my drank on (Unreleased)
57. ToLive and Die In LA - Makaveli The Don Killuminati The 7 Day Theory
58. -ToLive and Die In LA (Radio Edit)
59. -ToLive and Die in LA (promo Version)
60. Tounge Kissin (OG)
61. TossIt Up w/Aaron Hall, Danny Boy, K-Ci, JoJo - Makaveli The Don Killuminati The 7Day Theory
62. -TossIt Up (Radio Version) -Toss It Up Import Single
63. -TossIt Up (Video Version - Toss It Up Import Single
64. -Tossit Up (96Remix)
65. -Toss It Up -Nu Mixx Klazziks
66. Tradin War Storiesw/Dramacydal,C-Bo, Storm - All Eyez On Me
67. -Tradin War Stories(OG) (Unreleased)
68. Trapped- 2pacalypse Now
69. Troublesome- How To Be a Playa Soundtrack
70. -Mr.Troublesome (OG) (Unreleased)
71. Troublesome96- The Pac and Biggie You Never Heard/ Greatest Hits
72. -Troublesome96(OG) (unreleased)
73. - Troublesome (Og Version 2) (CDQ)
74. Tring To Make It Thru ft. Freddie Foxx andBenzino (DJ Defari Mixtape)
75. TrumpTight w/Capital LS, Greg Nice, ASU (unreleased)

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