Monday, September 12, 2011

( W ) 2Pac Songs List / Download

War Games Deathrow Version 320kbs.mp3
Wassup Wit Da Love (Remix) - Digital Underground feat. 2Pac.mp3
Watch Ya Mouth (Mak Demo Version).mp3
Watch Ya Mouth (OG CDQ).mp3
What's Next (Alt Mix CDQ - Version 2).mp3
Whatz Ya Phone Main Mix.mp3
When Thugs Cry.(OG).(Phonkey.Dee.Remaster.II).mp3
Wonda Why They Call U Bitch(Demo).mp3 
Wonda Why They Call U Bitch (Demo Version ft[1]. Faith Evans).mp3 
Wonda Why They Call You Bitch (Original Version) (2PacLegacy.Net).mp3 
O.F.T.B. - World Wide Stampede feat 2Pac, Kadafi, Kurupt.mp3 
Worldwide Stampede (Alt Mix Version) ft 2pac & Kurupt(2PacLegacy.Net).mp3 
World Wide Dime Piece (Og Version 4) (CDQ)(2PacLegacy.Net).mp3 
2Pac feat. Outlawz & Big Syke - World Wide Mob Figgaz (OG).mp3Words To My First Born (feat 2Pac and Nutt-so) (Original).mp3
1. Wake Up (Intro) - Makaveli andDillinger DontGo To Sleep

2. Wanted Dead or Alive w/Snoop Dogg -GridlockdSoundtrack

3. -Wanted Dead or Alive (Clean)

4. -Wanted Dead Or Alive (Big PunRemix)

5. -Wanted Dead or Alive remix

6. Whatcha Gonna Do w/ Kastro and YoungNoble

7. -Whatcha Gonna Do? (unreleased)

8. What Goes On (unreleased)

9. What Ill Do For Love w/Strictly Dope(unreleased)

10. WhatzNext w/Outlaws (unreleased)

11. -WhatzNext w/A3, Jay Rock - PacsLife

12. -WhatzNext (Flex Mix) - Makaveli II The Remix Cd

13. WhatsYa Phone #? - All Eyez On Me

14. -WhatsYa Phone #? (OG) (Unreleased)

15. WhenI Get Free - R U Still Down? (Remember Me?)

16. -WhenI Get Free (OG) (Unreleased)

17. WhenI Get Free II - R U Still Down? (Remember Me?)

18. WhenI Get Free - Until The End Of Time

19. WhenThugs Cry (OG) (Unreleased)

20. -WhenThugs Cry - Until The End Of Time

21. WhenWe Ride (OG) (Unreleased)

22. -WhenWe Ride w/Outlawz - All Eyez On Me

23. -WhenWe Ride remix (unreleased)

24. WhenWe Ride on our Enemies (Briss Mix) -Better Dayz

25. WhenWe Ride on Our Enemies w/Outlaws (unreleased)

26. -WhenWe Ride On Out Enemies (Bounce Mix) - Makaveli II The Remix Cd

27. Whereare my Soldiers At? w/Buckshot, Coco Brovas (Unreleased)

28. WhereDo We Go From Here (Interlude) - R U Still Down? (Remember Me?)

29. -WhereDo We Go From Here (Full Song) (OG) (Unreleased)

30. WhereEver U R w/Big Daddy Kane (Sho Stop) (unreleased)

31. - Wherever U Are (Og Version 2) (CDQ)

32. - Wherever U Are (Og Version 3) (CDQ)

33. WhereWill I Be ft. Young Thugz - Official Kadafi Mixtape

34. WhiteManz World - Makaveli The Don Killuminati The 7 Day Theory

35. -WhiteManz World (radio edit)

36. -WhiteManz World (Flava radio edit)

37. WhoDo you Believe In? w/Outlawz - Suge Knight Presents Chronic 2000/Better Dayz

38. -WhoDo you Believe In? (OG) (unreleased)

39. -WhoDo you Believe In? w/Outlaws (Luv 2 Luv U Mix) - Makaveli II The Remix Album

40. -WhoDo You Believe In (solo) (unreleased)

41. WhoDo you Love - Loyal To the Game

42. -WhoDo you Luv w/Stretch (og) (unreleased)

43. WhyU Turn On Me (og) (unreleased)

44. - Why You Turn On Me (Og Version 2) (CDQ)

45. -WhyYou Turn On Me - Until The End Of Time

46. -WendyWilliams Diss (Rapper Dapper Snapper Mix) - Makaveli II The Remix Album

47. WondaWhy They Call U B _ _ _ _ - All Eyez OnMe

48. -WonderWhy They Call U Bitch (OG) (Unreleased)

49. -WonderWhy They Call U Bitch Death Row Version (OG) (Unreleased)

50. WordsOf Wisdom - 2pacalypse Now

51. Words2 My First Born (original) (unreleased)

52. -Words2 My First Born w/Above The Law - Until The End of Time

53. WorldDontTake It Personally w/ Swoop G - World Dont Take It Personally

54. WorldWide Mob Figures (OG) (unreleased)

55. -WorldWide Dime Piece (Og Version 4) (CDQ)

56. -WorldWide Mob Figures w/Outlawz - Until The End Of Time

57. -WorldWide Mob Figures (remix) Novakane

58. WorldwideStampede OFTB Reatil Version

59. WorldwideStampede (OG) ft 2pac & Kurupt, OFTB

60. WorldwideStampede (Alt Mix Version) ft 2pac & Kurupt

61. WussupWit The Luv w/Digital Underground - The Body Hat Syndrome


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