Monday, October 31, 2011

Thug Life Volume 2 Jmix Compilation 2011

HERE IT IS! Thug Life Volume 2! The Newest Addition To The Jmix Compilations of 2011! 16 tracks You've never Heard in Such Quality! My Personal Remasters of Classic 2pac OG Favorites, Compiled Into A 19-Track Era-Relevant Songs That Are Sure To Make You Press Rewind! Thanks 2 For Their Support! Check It OUT!

01 Against All Odds OG Interlude.mp3
02 Peep Game Jmix Remaster.mp3
03 Thug 4 Life OG Jmix Remaster.mp3
04 Pain Feat. Stretch OG.mp3
05 Loyal 2 The Game OG.mp3
06 Killa Ft, Freddie Foxx OG Jmix Remaster.mp3
07 God Bless The Dead OG.mp3
08 Faced Shout-Outs (Og Interlude) Jmix Remaster.mp3
09 I'm Losin' It OG Jmix Remaster.mp3
10 My Block (Demo) Jmix Remaster.mp3

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